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this thing still exists? [Feb. 29th, 2008|06:26 am]
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and people still use it? wow, I've been out of the loop for awhile now. Just been extremely busy, but that's never a good excuse I guess...

Still married, happily =] Living in East Bumblefuck, NJ, but I've come to grow an attachment to this town, my apartment, and my job. I never stay in one place for more than a year tops, that mark will be coming up soon, this April. I'm planning on renewing the lease then. WOW. I've changed a lot, for the better I think. I've come to realize that it's not worth my time to worry about the small shit, or the big shit for that matter. If there's nothing you can do about it, why bother panicking about it? No point. Besides, I haven't really had anything to worry about. I can pay my bills and rent, I have a nice car, an awesome job, and a wonderful husband to top it off.

Me and mom joined the gym, I'm going to try to quit smoking because well, let's face it...smoking and going to the gym doesn't really mesh well. I'm trying to improve myself in a lot of different ways. I don't get involved in drama, just aggravating. I'm not in high school anymore, so drama is out of the question. I just generally feel...liberated I guess you could say...

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..:UPDATE:.. [Aug. 3rd, 2007|12:04 pm]
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well shit, again it has been a really long time, i didnt even know this thing still existed haha. dayuum.. anyway, UPDATE! lol

Im married, happily:)
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to this sexy man...:)

i got a new apartment! its beautiful and i decorated it pretty! Finally have a good car that runs great:) couldnt be betta! :-P

**Cut my hair**

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OHH, and also, i live a floor above my mommy:) We're finally together again!
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all good news, leave love:)
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this is what my new car looks like:) [Sep. 20th, 2006|01:00 pm]
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EXCEPT...mines a 2-door, and a 5-speed manual :) yay!
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ello [Jul. 25th, 2006|11:23 am]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]

yea, long time, i know i know. Cant write a lot now cause im at work, but ill squeeze as much in as i can.

Just so everyone knows...George and I...no longer. I finally realized he treats me like shit...so i got rid of that thorn.

In April, I took off (was supposed to be for a week) to West Virginia, just to get away, and kind of collect my thought, i was going through a rough time...and well to be honest, no one in new jersey was helping matters. Friends backstabbing me, using me, etc...

Charles (my ex from like 5 years ago, now my bf again lol) kept telling me for months, you should come out here, youll be less stressed, just come visit. Sooo, i left at like 6pm sometime during the week. Took me 5 hours or so, and it was pouring rain the whole time. I was freaking out cause my cars a piece of shit (well i thought it was, but its still fuckin running lol.)

Anyways, so when i got here, i had so much fun. Everything was just so much easier here, making friends, seeing old ones, partying, etc. A week went by and i really didnt want to go back, there was nothing in jersey for me to come back for to be honest. (just my cousin, and a few friends from manchester)

So Charles is like 'fuck it, just stay, we'll figure something out' hes funny as hell, hes so laid back, and care free, and it helps sooo much.

Im so much happier here. I got a job (front desk at Euro Suites, this really fancy hotel) thats just temporary though, until i go to school here, which should be pretty easy considering its the university town lol. Me and Charles are getting an apt. Trying to save up. Its cheap here tho for really nice apts.

Well, thatll be all for now.

I have to say this is the happiest ive been in years:P


Ohhhh and PS- i lost my phone lol, so i need peoples numbers. Give em to meh!
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My kitten face! [Jun. 1st, 2006|03:07 pm]
Meet Marmalade:)

She was a little tired, but i tried to get a good shot of her. She's more orange, and the hand in the background is mine for size reference lol...

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totally bored... [Jan. 26th, 2006|09:00 am]
How much you've changed...

Take this quiz, post the results, and see how much things have changed since then.


How old were you?: 15

What school year were you in?: Sophmore

Where did you go to school?: Manchester Regional High School

Where did you work?: The Rag Shop

Where did you live?: Prospect Park

Where did you hang out?: Louie's house, the mall, shows

How was your hair style?: Long and brownish red

Did you wear braces? Nope

Did you wear glasses: contacts

Who was your best friend?: Heather

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?: Louis

Who was your celebrity crush?: Has and always will be Johnny Depp

Who was your regular-person crush?: My Boyfriend, duh

How many piercings did you have?: just my ears

How many tattoos did you have?: None

What was your favorite band?: Linkin Park, haha

What was your worst fear?: death, as it will always be

Had you smoked a cigarette yet: yes

Had you gotten drunk or high yet?: yea

Had you driven yet?: nope

How old are you?: 19

What school year are you in?: working

Where do you go to school?: i dont

where do you work?: DPI, clerical work

Where do you live?: hawthorne, on my own

Where do you hang out?: My house, the bar, pretty much anywhere fun

How is your hair style?: Gettin long again, reddish

Do you wear glasses?: Only when im lazy and dont feel like puttin my contacts in

Who is your best friend?: um, there's felicia, nicole, and kerri

Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend?: George

Who is your celebrity crush?: same as above

Who is your regular-person crush?: Georgy porgey

How many tattoos do you have?: 2

How many piercings do you have?: 4, two in each ear, my nose, and belly

What is your favorite band?: All american rejects bitch, my chem, disturbed, so many

What is your biggest fear? good ole death

Have you driven yet?: like over two yrs

Have you smoked a cigarette yet?: everyday

Have you gotten drunk or high yet?: yea...bleh
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DO IT! [Jan. 10th, 2006|09:44 am]
[Current Mood |boredbored]


No matter how random, revealing, rude, or pointless
I promise to answer them 100% truthfully
Repost this to see what others ask you...
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on the road again [Jan. 6th, 2006|01:29 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

Paid for the car, changed the title, registered it, and got plates...HOLLER!
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got a car... [Jan. 5th, 2006|12:02 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

yayness! got a car, payin for it today and gettin the title, pontiac grand am, 92, black, in really good condition inside and out. go me!
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bored, at work [Jan. 4th, 2006|10:40 am]
[Current Mood |boredbored]

im at work, as usual.

I realized i need a ssecond job, a bullshit job that i can be a lazy shit at and make a lot of money...ha. not that easy.

Unless someone knows where i can get a car for dirt cheap that runs...
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